Q: How do saves work? Will I be able to backup my save-games? 
A: Easy and without extra software , you can backup your saves bysimply dragging and dropping them.
Q: Failed to create archive? 
A: There are 2 possible reasons: One is the TF card has no enough space; Second: to the FAT16 OS, the root directory has a maximal file amount: 512(long file name will take more space), that means the surplus amount must be more than the amount that going to be created.
Q: Archive has been damaged? 
A: There are 2 possible reasons also: First, the archive is damaged indeed; Second, If the archive is copy from the other type of flash card, it can't run directly before being converted via appointed software.
Q: Is the R4i Compatible with the Rumble Pack or Opera Ram Expansion? 
A: Yes
Q: Will you support D Homebrew Roms? 
A: Yes
Q: What is the Battery Life? 
A: Same as the Original carts, the R4i core components are chosen to maximize battery life.
Q: What about reading Speeds from the D? Are they Equal to an original cart? 
A: Original carts have various speeds, our hardware is designed to match the speed as close as possible. No problems to this date.
Q: Does Drag and Drop functionality work on a Mac and other Operating systems except Windows? 
A: Of course Our device is fully mass storage spec compliant, and should work with any operating system which supports this standard
Q: Do I have to use patches and extra software to load files on the D? 
A: Absolutely not.
Q: Will I need any other extra software or hardware to manage the R4i? 
A: Absolutely not.
Q: What colors are available from the R4i Adapter? 
A: We are currently manufacturing White cart for first batch stock, we might consider other colors soon.
Q: Do I have to flash my D firmware in order to operate the R4i? 
A: Nope! No firmware hacks or any nasty tricks are required to use the R4i. If you change your firmware you lose your warranty!
Q: What languages does the R4i OS support? 
A: English, Chinese,korean and Japaness at present.
Q: Does it work on both i and Lite? 
A: Yes, every revision out and to come
Q: Are there any regional issues? 
A: No, R4i works on every i and Lite from around the world.
Q: How many files can I have on the R4i? 
A: R4i Adapter supports 128MB~32GB TF(MicroSD) card , 32GB=256Gbit
Q: Do I need a pass key device for the R4i to work or can I just put it in my D? 
A: Nothing is needed! Just place the R4i with the TF card into the slot 1 and power-up your D .
Q: Is the R4i OS/Firmware upgradable?
A: Yes! And the best part is that its DEAD EASY and SAFE to do it
Q: Is the OS skinnable? 
A: Yes.